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And if you have tidy the ePub files in a indie folder, it is better to use Hot Directory Mode for you
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2 February 2013

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This is a tool that converts ePub documents to Kindle format.

This converter will reformat an ePub document into Kindle format. Kindle provides a familiar environment for readers. The display gives you a feel of reading a printed book that has black print on white background. It is possible to read the material in sunlight too. Thus Kindle has become a popular eReader. Book authors and publishers who want to access this large readership market and need to utilize this segment of readers must be able to convert to the format required by the Kindle. The interface is simple so that most users will find it easy to use and convert documents to the Kindle format. There will be no need to know the details of either the ePub or the Kindle format. Once published in Kindle, it is available for download to readers anywhere there is wireless access.

When converting a set of documents through this free tool, it is helpful to have all the source documents in a specific directory. The tool has a batch mode and you can take up the conversion of a bunch of documents at one time. Once the batch list has been created, the conversion is a one-click affair. The utility also has a hot directory mode. You will need to specify the directory to be used as the hot directory. Thereafter, every file dropped into this directory gets converted automatically. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

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If you want to know about NAC ePub to kindle, you should know the format you will convert firstly. The book on Kindle is a different format ebook from ePub.
Kindle is specialized for ebooks and it can identify native pdf, and when you open Kindle, the screen size just like the real 32 books. It has applied the latest E-ink technology that protect readers' eyesight, even people can be read book in Kindle in the sun. Its battery in the wireless network will not turn off for ten days which is a thing that laptop can not do. The most important thing is that it is designed a lot of function specifically for e-books. The Kindle can read, look up words, free to check Wikipedia and purchase books online in the United States.
You cannot run the ePub on Kindle directly, so you need the NAC ePub to kindle software to help you. When you use the NAC ePub to kindle, you should make sure you have organized all you ePub in a independent folder, and then you can quickly use the Batch Convert <> mode, if you did not put all the ePub files in a folder certainly it doesn't matter, you can choose it one by one. Puting them in a recognized folder then convert is just a suggestion.
And if you have tidy the ePub files in a indie folder, it is better to use Hot Directory Mode for you may set the import, log and output directories once, then the ebook for Kindle would automatically converted from ePub in the set up directory. [url=] NAC [/url]
NAC ePub to kindle is really narrow application, because the professional software always be unique and single-minded. At last, NAC ePub to kindle is totally freeware! It is different from flipbook software <> which needs pay for it for PDF to flipping book conversion.
NAC ePub to Kindle Free
NAC ePub to Kindle Free
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